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Dez Bryant takes to Twitter on eve of his meeting with Jerry Jones

Dez Bryant will meet with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones about his future on Friday. The star receiver acknowledged the meeting in one of more than two dozen tweets in an hour Thursday night.

Bryant said multiple times he was unbothered and vows to control what he can control.

I really been enjoying my offseason, Bryant tweeted. I never in my life heard so much media try to destroy a single soul which is very sad but what is so great is I’m so un [expletive] bothered.

After 105.3 The Fan tweeted Bryant was blasting the media, Bryant replied he wasn’t blasting anyone.

Tristan H. Cockcroft on Joey Lucchesi (No. 12): I tend to doubt the staying power of pitchers who derive a decent amount of their success from deception, such as Lucchesi, whose funky delivery and limited exposure at the upper minor league levels probably has hitters completely off guard when facing him.

I understood this and want to reassure you that I am fully prepared to assume this role. Moving forward, I too, will provide the Commissioner my very own Ownership Succession Plan of the New Orleans Saints. Please rest assured, I will own and operate this franchise until my death and do so with the same drive and focus towards success that my husband displayed throughout his life.

Gayle Benson says the Saints are in good shape financially and expect to continue to thrive in the Superdome, which they have sold out for every game since the team returned to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

The Benson family went through some turmoil when Tom Benson changed his will keep his daughter and grandchildren from a previous marriage from taking over the team. But Gayle Benson says that turmoil is in the past, and she’s confident that the Saints are well-positioned for the future.

As how Wall looked in his first playoff game after knee surgery, Lowry said the Wizards point guard’s speed is unbelievable.

Did you watch the game? Lowry asked facetiously. He’s still pretty fast. I used to be that fast. When I was like 10.

Wall is the engine that drives the Wizards, and he felt some lift coming back to him in Game 1.

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